Uber Manila cash payment: How is it shaping?

Uber Manila Cash payment: How is it shaping? Photo credits to: inquirer.net It's been a few days since Uber Manila rolls out its cas...

Uber Manila Cash payment: How is it shaping? Photo credits to: inquirer.net

It's been a few days since Uber Manila rolls out its cash payment. Although there are some confusions, according to some of the partners, but it is currently doing well than the first day it was rolled out.

This might be promising, we received a lot of email from riders and asking when will this be implemented on the system. Honestly we don't know. We are just hoping that this uber manila cash payment experimental will be a success so that riders have another mode of payment option than paying from their credit cards.

There are some concerns regarding with Uber Manila's cash payment especially for partners and drivers. Majority can't accept the change, mostly they are saying is about the safety issue, but i guess that's not really the concern at all. We think that they are just concerned about their drivers not remitting the cash 100% and yes it would be a profit loss for the partner operators in Uber Manila.

So in other words, trust is the issue regarding with the operator's drivers and not the partner's security issue for the cash payment. For our riders security and safety, none will be compromised, some just think that this will turn out to be like a taxi service that drivers won't hand over the change.

Yes that might be a possibility, but if the operators and drivers are just educated well about this program, we won't ever go through that situation. I think all the operators should educated their drivers well so that this might not happen. What really is important, uber is doing what it can so that partners could have alot of passengers, there are many non card users here in the Philippines that wanted to try Uber but they can't because they don't have a card and this might be the solution to tap those uncharted market by Uber Manila adding a cash payment on their system.

Most partners are concerned on the following:

  • Not ending the trip on time because of network or data error on some places
  • You can't see if it's a cash payment or credit if you haven't ended the trip
  • Partners safety
  • Drivers not remitting the income to their operators
I think majority are concerned about those problems, but of course if there are  problems, there are always a solution. 

  • For the network or data error (dead spots) this is really easy if you have invested for a back up network data, even a prepaid will do, always make sure that you have both data networks, as for us, we have globe (prepaid as a backup) and a smart (postpaid) whenever we drive on Uber Manila.

    On our experience for almost 2 years, we haven't experienced not ending a trip on time, if one of our data losses a connection, we just hook up our back up data and that's it, we can be able to end the trip in less than a minute. Just ask your passenger politely to wait for a minute, hooking up on your back up data connection wouldn't take forever, but only a few seconds.

    We never experienced both data connection down at the same time. It never did occur on our 2 years stint here in Uber Manila. So the first problem could be solved by having a backup data connection.
  • Well the answer to this are same as the above, invest for a back up data, it will only cost you less than 200 a month for a 1gb data as a back up.
  • Safety is the most important thing for us partners, we wouldn't want to end up being robbed right? Well the thing is, Uber Manila is doing what it can for the partner's safety. At the moment since this is only a cash payment experimental, we still think that in the future, passengers still needs to register using a debit card or credit card.

    We have heard that Uber Manila is with an ongoing negotiation to telecoms and some banks at the moment, in order to partner for a prepaid card/debit card for a payment system. We do hope that this would be clear in the following weeks or months (but let us not keep our hopes up with this).
  • These are the major concern for the operators, we have talked to operators and are afraid that their driver might not be faithful when they already have the cash on hand, some says that they are afraid that their drivers won't even remit the income or in other words "may bawas" if the driver even do remit the income.

    The only solution i could think of is to trust your driver, why would you hire a driver to drive your car if you don't trust them? Trust comes in two ways, if you can't trust your driver at the extent that you are thinking about something like that, then find a driver that you could trust.

    Trust comes in both ways, if you care enough for your driver, the driver won't do anything stupid to break that loyalty, unless you just recently hired your driver. Read our article 7 tips to be a successful operator.

Well so far Uber Manila cash payment is in good shape, we could say that it is 70/30 (good/bad feedback) at the moment. But either way, we need to accept the change, we are civilized to know that sooner or later it is inevitable especially for a company that wanted to win the market. Uber Manila is Uber and the one who's dominating every transport business in the world, you can call them capitalist, but it's either we try or we stop and look for another source of income. 

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