Dashcam how can it protect you?

We are always on the road and some of us are doing this for their livelihood. How can a dash camera can protect you?  Did you know that ha...

We are always on the road and some of us are doing this for their livelihood. How can a dash camera can protect you? 

Did you know that having a dash camera can protect you in a lot of situation? Buying one is optional and some of you might think that having one isn't necessary, well that's your opinion, but in a transportation business, having one can save you a lot of trouble in the future. 

How can a dash camera can protect you?

Since we are always on the road, there are always this corrupt traffic enforcers that will signal you for a violation, even though you haven't done anything wrong, he will still force what he thinks that you still did. Without any proof that you didn't commit any violation, it's an easy money for those dbag.

Dash camera can also protect us inside our vehicles as well, we wouldn't know if one of our passengers do something recklessly that can threaten our lives (so far i hope this won't happen). Some passengers do act arrogantly and might signal your driving career. I'll tell that personal experience later.

Dash camera can also help us in accidents, it can help officers to determine that you didn't commit any violation prior to the accident. Actually it save me a lot of trouble.

My Experience with the dash camera i bought a few weeks ago

How many of us here experienced a dbag traffic officer that will pull you over to the side and stating that you commit a violation? Well it happened to me a lot, especially in Lacson avenue in Espana Manila and in Meralco avenue in Ortigas. 

i have my fair share with those dbag traffic enforces, in Espana, turning left to Lacson. I went on ahead turning left while it was still green. When i was in the middle, it turned yellow and this officer pulled me over and saying i beat the red light and he was going to enforce the traffic law and will be handing me a ticket. I know in my self that i didn't commit any violation, but this dbag enforcer is still insisting it and raising his voice and telling me that i shouldn't have got a license if i don't know the traffic laws in the Philippines. I have a passenger then by that time, but i excused my self and still try to talk to the enforcer, when he wrote me a ticket, i finally told him that i have a dash camera and we can watch it to make it sure. Upon watching the video (on which i haven't uploaded yet) it can be clearly seen that i turned left while it was green. So to cut the story short, the enforcer is grumpy that he already wrote a ticket but since i didn't commit any violation, i told him that he is not doing his job right. I called the governing commander with the help of my contacts and reported the incident, and yes he got suspended and it just suit him right.

Imagine if i didn't have a dash camera to prove that i didn't commit any violations, the enforcer will still insist that i did. It would cost me a violation fee and of course i will loose my valuable time, just to go to the city hall, fall in line for a few hours to get my drivers license.

I have heard a lot of horrors by enforcers so i bought my self a dash camera and it did get handy. Some of my friends are being fined in BGC for illegal parking even though they are just waiting for a few minutes for their rider to come down. Illegal parking means you'll be leaving your car and parking it on an non parkable or non parking area on which if you didn't leave your car, it can't be condone as an illegal parking. Well you can outwit those dbag officer if you have a dash camera to prove that you didn't leave a car, even worse for them if they already wrote a ticket as i know if they wrote it and if they are deemed irresponsible for writing one for a clear case they are the one who will pay it and also they can be suspended on their duty.

Payback isn't it? It is time for those dbag to learn their lesson in the hardway, they can't pick pocket us anymore if only we have evidence.

Also i have an experience with an arrogant passenger (on which i wouldn't post anymore since it is not proper for me to post it, but i hope he learned his lesson), he accused me of many BS tactics, on which he even emailed and reported me to UBER. The passenger didn't know that i have a dashcamera, uber emailed me about the incident, and to my surprise they are going to suspend my account, as it says that i have violated a rule which is about passenger safety. But in the whole time i was very silent on that trip, he is yelling and cursing, what i only did was took a wrong turn as i am following waze on which he (the passenger) have said to just follow waze, and that time he was saying he was going to be late and i was so stupid for taking that turn. To make the story short, i emailed uber containing my dash camera video from the start of the trip, and till the passenger left off. Confirming that i didn't violate any of their rule, my account was reinstated and they have said that they are praising me for handling the situation very professional, i told my self that time what if, i didn't have that dashcam, then my account would be suspended because of an arrogant rider? 

I was really pissed the way UBER handled that situation, they didn't investigate, and they suspend my account because of just one arrogant rider, and they only reinstated it when i showed them evidence that i didn't do any of what the rider had said. Yes uber cares about the riders but not their partners, i can say they are one sided, but i can't argue, because of UBER i have another opportunity to earn, besides if i complain or argue what will i gain? Nothing, i can freely quit as what others say, but not yet, i still want to accomplish many feats in the ridesharing business.

Anyways because of those incidents, it is really helpful to have a dash cam on your car, it might cost a few thousand now, but what if, you haven't got one and you experience something like this and cannot provide evidence that you didn't violate anything? How much time would you loose? How much income do you think would be gone? It is better to invest to something that can protect you on this line of business.

Here's the dash camera that i am using at the moment: 
ZUMI DUO DASH CAM 1080p FHD - this cost around P5500 in Lazada and will be delivered on your home if you buy it at Lazada

What dashcam would be good for me?

Well for me as long as it can do what it needs to do would be okay, even those cheap one. Here are the list of affordable dashcamera on lazada. Some of them are on sale, you can buy some of them for only 999 now that cost 10,000 before.

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  1. I am buying a dashcam with your link. thanks for sharing your story :)

    1. Thank you so much, it would be a big help. :)

  2. How did you prove to Uber that you did nothing wrong? Did you use the rear camera as inside camera?Thanks!

  3. Hi.. Yes i have the dual cam (front and inside cam).