Uber Philippines Income For Operator April 2016

Uber Philippines Income For Operator April 2016 Hi guys, How are you all doing? We’re posting our April 2016 Uber Philippines Income for ...

Uber Philippines Income For Operator April 2016

Hi guys, How are you all doing? We’re posting our April 2016 Uber Philippines Income for Operator. April 2016 was really great for us. We manage to at least increase our income because of the weekly incentives.

We do hope that you are maximizing your income and taking advantage of the incentives that Uber Manila is providing for its partners on the past few weeks. It was indeed great but we should still be ready that some point of time Uber will begin to remove the incentives. So take full advantage of it while they are still generous.

Uber Philippines Income April 2016

Below is our Net income for our UBER X vehicles

Vehicle #1
PHP 16,577.60 NET
Vehicle #2
PHP 15,285.60 NET
Vehicle #3
PHP 17,223.72 NET
Vehicle #4
PHP 19,438.28 NET
Vehicle #5
PHP 5,274.22 NET
Vehicle #6
PHP 18,647.05 NET

Below is our Net income for our UBER Black Vehicles

Vehicle #1
PHP 25,395.50 NET
Vehicle #2
PHP 22,168.22 NET

So all in all, for the month of April we have earned a total of PHP 140,010.19. Because of the incentives we have increased our income. We always focus on training our drivers on the best practices and maintaining a good partner relationship.

Disclaimer: We will still be deducting some expenses for the maintenance for our vehicles. 

We can say that if you appreciate the effort of your partners (drivers) they’ll perform more than what you expect them to perform. We are happy that all of our drivers did their best and for that, we will have 3 days off and we’ll go for a vacation as a treat for them and their family.

You might need this for your Uber Philippines Venture:

You might need this if you are planning to Join Uber Philippines and drive as a partner or operator.

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  1. Are all your cars fully paid off or financed by the banks which you pay every month?

  2. Some of them are already ours to begin with before we enrolled it in uber. While the newer like altis, innova, vios, and fortuner are from last year and earlier this year.

  3. Hi, does the net income you posted already inclusive of the car's amortization?

  4. Posted are already net income per vehicle.. Monthly amortization are already covered in advance for 3 months..

  5. Hi. We had payment problem issues with uber from our first pay-out. They forgot to include the incentives, after a week the emailed us that they already fix the problem. And now, it happened again on our 2nd pay-out. Wrong incentive, and no adjustments for all the trips that we emailed them during the week that had issues. Is it always like this?

  6. Hi Jenny,

    It would be best to go to Uber's office. Print out all of the evidence and show them the proof. They'll surely do something about that. Hope this helps

  7. hello.. ask ko lang.. hows the altis fuel consumption ? what variant are you using?im planning to get a 1.6G AT na altis.. thanks in advance..

  8. Hi Jeffrey,

    We are using a 1.6V Variant. We are only using the Altis for trying new strategies before we roll it out to our drivers.

  9. Hi Everyone, you guys are awesome :) Most of my questions were already answered just by reading most of your posts. Just one last question po:

    How do you split the incentives between operator and driver? Still 60/40? or Everything goes to the operator?

    Salamat po, may God bless you even more :)

  10. Hi Rio Jones,

    You're very much welcome and we are glad we could help. About your question, we treat our drivers as partners in hand with the business and we follow the contract which is the 60/40 :)

  11. Sir, ask ko lang po, yung vehicle number 1 mo ilang hours per day/week ang labas nyan?
    Plan kasi namin kumuha ng Vios AT and register sa uber may kakilala na kami na pwede magdrive. 60/40 ba ang split sa income for most operators & drivers? what about other expenses like maintenance, food, gas & toll fees?


  12. Hi Gerome,

    8-12 hrs depending on our driver and daily targeted trips.