Uber Manila Guide: Creating A Website For Your Business

On this article, we will be teaching you our very own secret about increasing your income in Uber Manila by taking it seriously, creati...

On this article, we will be teaching you our very own secret about increasing your income in Uber Manila by taking it seriously, creating a website that can retain 90% of your client base and also increase a chance to get an advance client and increase an income.

Why is it Important to have a website and what are the advantages of having one?

If you are serious and want to make money on this kind of business, you must let your client know how professional is your business.

It’s a big advantage to outrun your competition. Just like what we did, we increased our rider base of up to 90% when we launch our own website.

Foreigners and retained clients can easily refer us to their friends and thus increasing our income.

Clients can easily contact us, rather than requesting another Uber service. If they loved your service they’ll ask for your vehicle again (100%).

Here’s our case study

As we have said, we outrun our competition and since we launch our website and built a community, we tripled our income and also our rider based clients.

We have added a new vehicle because of that. We also have clients outside uber like out of town trip and also events services like weddings and tours which boosted our income.

If this had worked for us, this will work for your business too and the great thing is having a website does gives us an advantage as it’s easier to manage the business.

How to start a website?

First get a web hosting by going to iPage. They offer a $1.99 per month or $23.88 a year plan which is the lowest on the market yet advance and secured.

After getting a web hosting, log-in to your account and install Wordpress by clicking the wordpress Icon on your account dashboard.

Once you finish installing wordpress on your web hosting. Search for a free template (corporate) or use this template that we are currently using and that’s it! You only need to input your business information and how your current and future clients can contact you.

There are so many wordpress plugins that could help you automate the contact form so that you’ll get a hassle free booking from your clients.

Option 2: Using a website builder tool in iPage

By choosing ipage you’ll get a free website builder that you can use to create a website even without any knowledge on codes to create websites. It’s free of charge and the good thing about it is it’s a drag and drop website creator tool.

Just contact us at tudmanila@gmail.com

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