Increase Your Uber Manila Income by Having A Website

We are constantly receiving a lot of email on how we retain our customers, well we don’t want to keep it a secret to everyone. So we decide...

increase your uber manila income with a website

We are constantly receiving a lot of email on how we retain our customers, well we don’t want to keep it a secret to everyone. So we decided to share this valuable information with you guys.

When we started in Uber Manila a couple of years ago, we know that this business will be big in the future. We decided to create a website when we heard that LTFRB is requiring partners to register their business, blooming with the alternative transportation business in the Philippines, we know how valuable it will be to be the first among the thousands of competition.

What are the advantages of having a website to Increase Your Uber Manila Income?

There are many advantages of having a website and two of them are very important.

First would be customer retention.

By having a website passengers/clients who have already ridden our service vehicles would know how we value their suggestions. If you remember the business card strategy? It is also connected to this current strategy. We give our customers an option on where they can leave their suggestion, and one of them is through our website.

We also provide perks to them if they do leave a suggestion or comment on our website and that would be a free one ride if they accumulated 7 rides from us in just a week. You can call it as our own marketing strategy, in this type of business, quantity is king. The more riders we have the more we are generating income.

Secondly is by building a community

We always ask our new riders/customers/passengers to create an account on our website. You could say it’s a secret community on where we could update our passengers and clients about our business and our own marketing promotion.

We make sure that everyone is active, by providing freebies and etc whenever they choose our service. Having an active community sure can make a difference. We take care of everyone as well as our business.

How much does a website cost? We also want to try it so we can Increase Our Uber Manila Income

Well, there are a lot of service providers out there that offers a website hosting, and some ranges from $3.55 a month. But we recommend using iPage as they offer $1.99 or $23.88 ayear with free domain name, it’s the cheapest yet reliable website hosting in the market. We use their service on our website.

If you need further help, don’t hesitate to contact us on our email we will help you set up your website if you need our help. We will guide you, just send us an email and we will prioritize those who are seeking help regarding setting up their website.

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