Is It Still Good To Start An Uber Business?

We've been receiving a lot of emailnlately and we haven't responded with them yet. We are a bit busy creating strategies for the cur...

We've been receiving a lot of emailnlately and we haven't responded with them yet. We are a bit busy creating strategies for the current incentives as you all know, the incentives are a bit on the low side so we needed to adjust forst and focus in order for us to expand (we already hve 2 vehicles in the USA).

So this article will answer the question "is it still good to start your own Uber Philippines business?". Well, this will really depend on two things. First will rely on your business plan and second will depend on your driver.

Those two are important and as we always advise, make sure that you have a budget that can sustain at least three months in advance of your operating expenses. In order for you to create a better strategy for your business goals you need to have a peace of mind.

If you lose one of those thing, you'll probabbly facing a much more challenging and stressful business experience.

So is it still good? Yes, but to be honest the current position is on the low side, but hey we are not discouraging you but there are a lot of issues that Uber still needs to face.

So does Uber still accept new partners? Yes, even if they accept a lot of new partners only 2% of continue. So that's a 100% positive that Uber can still accomodate you.

Some fail on this kind of business because they don't have a right business strategy to begin with. So before you join make sure you already have a plan and strategy as we can tell you right now based on our experience for doing Uber since the start, this type of business is pretty damn hard to do.

If you still want to join then no worries we can help you out. We will provide you tips and necessary info to make sure you start on the right track all you have to do is Join Uber (this is our invite link) and email us at so we could help you out and will answer all of your question.

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  1. hi good evening uberpartner, is it advisable to join uber with my new innova that im going to get this january 2017 and its going to be 5 years to pay? with your help and strategies should i rely on uber income to pay off the my monthly loan of my car plus earn extra for it? im still double thinking because of the benefit of the new car thanks

  2. Hi Jan,
    Sorry for the late reply. Anyways it is possible but to rely on Uber itself to pay your MA is going to be a hard one. As you know this business is like a roller coaster sometimes the income is high and sometimes it is low. My advise is to think it over for a few times and if you still think that you are ready then hit us up. But honestly, Uber is only good for an extra income and not really great for a main source of income. Those who are earning more are those who either own their vehicles already (not on leasing) and those who have 4 or more under their fleet.